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Love Away The Night

This song is by Adam Brand.

Adam brand and melinda schneider

ADAM: you're always in the fridge or on the phone
MELINDA: how the hell would you know, you're never home
A: I go to work to keep this family fed
M: good try pal but you won't even get out of bed

A: I can't believe you spent that much on shoes
M: Look, I got them on sale and you'll never know the money I save you
A: and I spose you brought a bag, a dress and a hat
M: well you've got your race car, want to talk about that

(A talking: no not really)

Both: CHORUS: you look so damn cute when you're mad,
You melt away my troubled heart and you don't seem so bad
When I see that twinkle in your eye
We take the phone off the hook and put the kids to bed
Forget what we said
And love away the night

M: always on the couch watching football
A: Bring me a beer and keep it down will ya
I don't wanna miss the score
M: Just like you missed our anniversary
A: well I'm sorry babe but you should have rem-reminded me

(M Talking: as usual)

Both:you drive me insane, don't ever change
A:I like you that way


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