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Lifetime Friends

This song is by Adam Brand and appears on the album Get Loud (2004).

Left my home long ago
To travel up the Tanami road
So many young fellas were like me
Head full of ideas and pretty keen
I didn't think that anyone would
Remember me for very long

Lifetime friends are with you till the end
They're the ones that know you the best
You laugh about how you were so young and proud
You do that when you've made a lifetime friend

Somehow through the years
Some people that you meet stay near
And even if you're far away
They ring up just to say
Well how are you goin'
When you comin' back this way

I got a call from you this afternoon
It's been years since I spoke to you
We might have had our blues in the past
But somehow our friendship seems to last
We pick up the conversation
Like we just left it yesterday
Pretty good hey

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