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What's Going On

This song is by Adam and the Ants.

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Giorgio moroder/pete belotte
(From the soudtrack of "metropolis", 1984)

Is there a mask behind the face
Is it a sleeveless ace
Can a smile conceal a sneer
How do we see clear

What makes the truth curl up and lie
Is it the fly-by-night
If the counterfeit's the sham
How do we all stand
The deeper we put in the problem - the less we know

What's going on
I wanna know
What's going on

Remember all the cracks you feared
Beneath the clear veneer
Well, now they're bursting wide apart
And this is just the start
How does it feel to lose control - lose your goal
So who's a friend and who's a foe - time to show

What's going on
I wanna know
What's going on

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