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I'll Take You Back To Italy

This song is by Ada Jones and G.L. Thompson.

[Tony:] I lik-a you, Marie
[Marie:] I lik-a you, Tony
[Tony:] We gonna mak-a marriage soon
[Marie:] Mak-a da nice-a honeymoon
[Tony:] After I marry you
[Marie:] What are you gonna do?

I'll tak-a you back with me
Back to sunny Italy
That's where I would like to be
In the old country
[Tony:] Across the sea

[Marie:] No more you make the organ grind
[Tony:] I leave the org' behind
[Marie:] I'll cook spaghetti
[Tony:] That's very good, Eddie
[Marie:] The nice Italian kind

[Tony:] We'll raise-a da family
[Marie:] They will look like you and me
[Tony:] How many we have, Marie?
[Marie:] One, two or three
[Tony:] Plenty enough for me

What will we do with the monk'? They'll never let him pass
[Tony:] We'll give the monk to Missus Vernon Cas'
[Both:] And sail back to sunny Italy

[Tony:] We'll have a little wop
[Marie:] Someone to call you "pop"
[Tony:] He'll look-a like his daddy did
[Marie:] Gee! but he'll be a homely kid
[Tony:] We'll call-a him Tony
[Marie:] Maybe he'll be a she!

[Tony:] We'll tell-a da family
[Marie:] They must never cross the sea
[Tony:] The money in this country
[Marie:] Is not so free
[Tony:] As it's supposed to be

We'll say the barber shop business, it never pays
[Tony:] Ev'ryone here, they use the safety raz'
[Both:] So we came to sunny Italy

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