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The Short Weekend Begins with Longing

This song is by Action Action and appears on the album Don't Cut Your Fabric to This Year's Fashion (2004).

Are you up in the middle of the night
Trying to figure out where things went wrong?
And they did, just another semi-bummer weekend,
It seems hard to find a home for the words,
Though I'm sure they make complete sense, in your head,
It's a light hearted movie with a splash of calamity.

And when I dig too deep, when I get too high,
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...
And when I talk too much, don't talk enough,
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...
And when I fall apart over the weekend,
And the pills begin to stop working,
And when I'm not in line, just too aligned,
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...
I never ask of you, I'll ask of...

And just like that,
We'll snap our hands and all will turn to white, on white,
Does everything have to be such a tragedy?
Let's sum the world into one clever line,
And sell it back at double their asking price, or triple,
It's a crazy world, someone should sell some tickets.

I saw you again last night,
Sidewalking junkie filled with hazy thoughts, oh yeah,
Beginning of my snow storm daydream,
You're a drug hit to my sanity an acid trip to my well being, Yeah, yeah, yeah,
As the docters prescribed, a well-mannered lad,
In the ever growing well-mannered fad.


Written by:

Mark Thomas Kluepfel

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