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Dawn Of A New War

This song is by Action and appears on the album Action (2004).

Gang Shooting in Scarborough
Don't try to tell me what you think you know
Sign your children off to war
Everytime you send them out the door
Political abandon for the underclass
Breeds caustic hatred for the greener grass
Resigned to life of second best?
Or lying on the ground with a bullet in your chest?

The dawn of a new age is the dawn of a new war

'Join a gang' says MTV
Be like Tupac? Maybe B.I.G?
Gun Violence, in style today
Here's your life, now throw it away
A million dollar market cashing in on hate
If it's what your kids are buying then it's far to late
The new millennium brings forth a new kind of war
Your children are dying, you don't know what for?

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