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This song is by Acrostichon and appears on the album Sentenced (1995).

You are so changed since I met you
Vague moments seem to come more often
Why do you use it; throwing your life away
Tearing your friends and family with you

First on party's, now you can't miss your daily dose
An egoist or just a stupid bastard
Don't you see there's more to live for
You seem to be content, but are you?

Why? are you thinking only about yourself
How! can you live like this; you only have yourself
When! will you realize, when will you realize
Victims! why can't you see

Sometimes I wonder why people use drugs
Started as a game now there's nothing left for you
It isn't cool; it doesn't solve problems
You just create other ones you don't see
Your body and emotions are like a shrinking nut
Surrounded by a haze of unreality
Creating your own perfect chaos
Neverending ignorance

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