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Shooting Star

This song is by Across The Sky and appears on the album Across The Sky (2003).

When I walk a thousand miles from home
And when I've lost all I used to know
It seems that I've got nothing left
I find that I'm undone
You are here to break me
And You've only just begun

With open arms You came running so far
To show who You are and who I am
Only You can change a heart
Like a shooting star You soar through the darkest of nights
To catch my eyes and guide me to the Father's arms

When I wonder where You're leading me
With no direction, walkin' aimlessly
Still You're ever faithful
Still You're ever strong
Now I can call You Father
You're calling me back home

Your arms, they're always wrapped around me
Your arms, they'll never cease to hold me
Hold me


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