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Give It All Away

This song is by Across The Sky and appears on the album Across The Sky (2003).

Let me get it straight, I should focus on the things above
So why do I insist on possessing what will only weigh me down
You said, "Separate yourself from all the treasures of this world"
And now I'm starting to understand what I should do

I give it all away
Because it's what You said
Until there's nothing left, I give it all away
I give it all away
Until there's nothing left
Because it's what You said, I give it all away
I give it all away

Pieces of me are all in disarray
And they are only held together by the threads I weave
Inside my head
But when I separate myself from all the troubles of this world
I see my cares and fears and worries all dissolve

You fill the empty places with Your love (You gave it all away)
There's freedom in surrendering to You

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