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Chapter VII: Epilogue

This song is by Acrasia and appears on the EP The Odyssey (2014).

We're all born with the same potential
Laying dormant beneath our skin
Yet some of us don't go on
To grow skin we're comfortable in

And we're told not to care, we're mocked when we feel
Just for having the depth to see what is real
We grow tired of living, weary of loving
And pray that death comes swift to make a deal

But I won't be swayed by the world
And forced to disconnect in despair
I'll suck the poison out of every heart
That dares to show they care

For I know we are grateful
I know we are kind
United, I know we'll be fine
And if it takes until my last breath to slay these demons that plague us
I'll die knowing I tried

So I took my bow and bent it effortlessly
Drilled my axe heads clean
I fired upon them
And I killed my foes

I tore them limb from limb

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