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Chapter VI: The Slaying of the Suitors

This song is by Acrasia and appears on the EP The Odyssey (2014).

The years, they tick over
Been wandering forever
We've come to claim what's ours to claim
Though they scorn us moreover

Gaze upon these blood-stained hands
For we have stood the test of time
The air is death, but the taste of your blood is so sublime

When all is said and done
You're just a poor imitation
And though the snakes emerge
We'll be the kings they remember

Bite your tongue
Did you really think I'd let you take what's mine?

Your kiss turned to cancer
Our love cashed for silver
You want the prize? You'd better quit the lies
We're far too brave to surrender

Pride comes before a fall
The writing's on the wall
You've said your piece but you won't get away

If actions speak louder than words
Then why can't we be heard?
Your day of judgement has arrived

You're only fuelling this fire
And when you're bruised and broken I hope you think of us
Think about us when you want

We will stand tall
We will triumph

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