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Chapter V: Return to Ithaca

This song is by Acrasia and appears on the EP The Odyssey (2014).

My heart is a harbour for sorrow
I'm better off misled, the waves of nostalgia
They fill up the empty voids that lay about my head
I could shrug it off but voices still remain
The faces I love, I can hear them
They're calling out my name

Time is a deceitful bitch that slipped her way around my gaze
My head is worn out and my heart yearns for its home
And though these feet are bruised
I'm the one that used you for my personal gain
And now my world is faded
There's no place for me to call my own

Am I just a stranger?
Pride has become my foe
Will I fall?

All my patience has worn thin
I'm in over my head
Should I just commit this sin?
I just wanted it all
But there's no one to break my fall
And I fall a lot

As she slithers past I ask myself "Is this where I should be?"
"Where do I belong? Am I just chasing this dream blindly?"
I long to run away far from my mistakes
Far from all my vanity to a place I know
A place where all my flaws won't be held against me

I hear my name in riddles
They say "It's time to come home"
"You've done more than you know"
And yet still I choke on tears of dreams unknown

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