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Chapter IV: Perseverance

This song is by Acrasia, features Daniel Breen and William Jarratt of Storm the Sky and appears on the EP The Odyssey (2014).

I question myself again
Sincerity has reared its ugly head
Panic sets in, I can't escape those words I said

These doubts are paralysing
My mind's devoid of rational thinking
It's hard to seize the day when my own nightmare never ends

Am I invisible again?
They don't listen to anything I say
'Cause these words are just words that just hurt
And just turn you against this dying world

Don the white gloves of sympathy
Let your scalpel rescue me
Cut my demons out
And turn me into someone else

Someone who doesn't strike his feet
Who doesn't fuck up everything
These honest eyes are tired
Athena, where did I go wrong?

Fear not, child, for you've got heart
You'll find your way in time, look north
There's beauty laced in all you see
Just open your eyes and you'll be free

Every time you find it hard to stand
Look above, you'll find an open hand
They say that life's a constant grind of try
But joy appears with your friends by your side

The reaper's beating down my doorstep
But I refuse to let him win
I'll wage this war on myself daily
I'll find the strength to love my sins

You've got to stop burning bridges (I'm only being me)
Don't disaffect the ones that care (But that's all I do)
Just be yourself and lights will guide you home
All will fall before your sword(It's so damn hard to try)

I courted life but she won't reply

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