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Chapter II: The Paradigm Shift

This song is by Acrasia and appears on the EP The Odyssey (2014).

Time ticks by, and yet we still try
To fuel a world in which we swallow indifference
Time ticks by, and yet I still cry
For all the souls that won't strive just to shape their fate

I'm struggling to find a reason to continue taking breath
(Don't look outside, the world's on fire)
A decade spent in grim confinement has me wondering what is left for me
(Don't look outside, the world's on fire)

I've got the eyes of the gods
The same ones who sold us greed for heart
You want to know how it ends?
We all die alone so disrobe
And feel the chill of the earth beneath your feet

Say something now
I'm regretting and falling
But I know how the chorus goes
It's silent now
Even though there's so much to say
You willingly run away

I'll build a bed where we can lay all our cares to rest
I'll lay the foundation so hope can follow it
And I won't throw aside all that has caused us to grieve
I'll lock it inside of me

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