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False Heaven

This song is by Acolyte and appears on the album Oceans of Blood (2007).

The chains have been broken
Now we are free, yet without any trial
Guilt remains the same
What kind of bond exists between us?
Why all this madness still insists?
We plant the seeds of suspicion
The times of pain around us
When they start to spread their poison
Only the bravest shall survive
Knowledge surpassed humanity
Maybe one day humanity
Shall surpass our knowledge

A mocking eye stares from a false heaven
Promising redemption to a bloated soul
You sold your precious spirit
For some plastic money
Thus you are banished to the lake of fire

A deadly silence reigns
No tears or lamentation
In a gruesome circle
Of man made destruction

Behold the ruins of man
His fragments are scattered
In a dreadful desert
Under a scorching sky

Greed for power! Down to the bone
Are you human? Are you a clone?

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