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This song is by Acedia and appears on the EP Rise From Your Grave (2011).

Surrounded by flames
Lunatics start to dance
Under the starlight
And lost in a trance

A desert of ashes
Left in its wake
Burning our planet
Condemning our fate

No God
He's left us on our own

The Flames
Will spread
And burn the sky itself

There is
No end
It shall consume us all

The land
We shall be erased

It's starting now
The end of days
It's Hell on Earth
All that awaits
The fall of man
Snuffed out in flames
When all is done
Nothing remains

Nothing remains

Nation to nation
Is burned to the ground
Dead whispers echo
No life can be found

Scorching our cities
Destroying it all
No escape from it
Our burning downfall

Between the stars
Lost in the black
An empty void
Marks our grave
A distant thought
Faint memories
The burning end
For all mankind

For all mankind

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