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This song is by Ace Troubleshooter and appears…

Starry starry night
The silver beams the only light
Summer breeze, summer dreams
Float over me
The stars frame her sillouhette
Beauty steals away my breath
This moment will last forever, forever

There is no time but now
There's no where else but here...

Time has lost it's grip tonight
Beautiful, enchanted, I just might
Hold her, hold her close
Never let her go
The tenderness in her eyes
Her hair is drenched with silver moonlight
Half-spoken thoughts, forget-me-nots
She's the jewel I've sought
She's the jewel I've sought...

There is no time but now
There's no where else but here
When all else is cold
The warmth of holding her near...

The stars in her eyes
Outshine the stars in the sky
Love is in her eyes
I'll hold, hold her close tonight...


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