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The Statement (Outro)

This song is by Ace Hood.

Well alright
Only if you niggas could walk in my shoes homie
This is "The Statement"

Look in my eyes there's nothing mediocre
Can't see the beast into my inner soul ah
Welcome to my building, come and meet the newest owner
Out a coma, I'm a different type of organ donor
Different breed, come and see why they be hating on him
Hundred thousand dollar jewels, need a sweater thermal
Bitch I'm paranormal, hot as fucking Arizona
Rep my city, play the bass like I was Sammy Sosa
Uh, I'm taking over, that's my inner motive
Smell the money odor, trying to meet my monthly quota
Dopest nigga around, minus all that baking soda
Heavy roller, hear me motor, Giovanna floaters
Sick and tired of being cried, now that shit is over
Hot as early morning Folgers, I'm with twenty soldiers
Blacking out, just like the album, deuces up to H.O.V.A.
Brush the hate up off my shoulders, welcome me again
Got my CD on my collar like a violin
Broward County, nigga run it like a Titan
Newest artist with a hundred grand investment
Gave my bitch a couple bands for enhancement
Ha, so what the fuck them niggas talking about?
I am the only shit they talking about

A lot of rumors but I'm getting guap
Busting bladders, laughing at them as I see the top
Ha, rather backing me to the fucking block
I swear they hate when niggas getting guap
But I'm addicted to my chain and watch
Balling like I'm Chris Bosh, never would I stop
Uh, I see them staring with they looking ass
Quick to judge a nigga, haters wish I'm doing bad
Got me mad so I went and got a paper tag
Like the Benz but I went and did another Jag'
Yeah, and I am young and arrogant as hell
Do it for the real niggas, hope for posting bail
I welcome y'all to "The Statement"
Only trill niggas play it in your tape deck
Uh, and that's word to my only city
Only fucking if she got a pretty set of titties
Told my niggas that I got to stay fucking with me
Murder everything, make Obama come and get me
Bang, bang from a clip that hold a buck sixty
This is my world, you are just a bug in it
Dead body if I ever put them slugs in it
You don't really want to fuck with it
I built this motherfucker from the floor
Twenty two and getting money all a nigga know
The next big shit I put that on my nigga Fo

I'ma show you to the front door

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