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On My Grind

This song is by Ace Hood.

Real nigga radio

I been on my grind, I done hustled for green
I done hustled for days just to go and get paid
And I done been on them blocks, I done ran from no cops
And I done sold them rocks but at the end of the day
I got to get paid.

Well I'm a Broward County carnivore
Get it like I got a boy
Money what I hustled for, grind to the fucking core
Ever since that I was born, street nigga I was sworn
Made nigga fuck a whore, M.O. be the preacher boy
Either I'm the features meet the heater millimeter toy
Love to go and meet a boy, bang nice to meet you boy
Yeah, you a dead nigga comin' soon
Young Gutta I was born without that silver spoon
Pen and pad, Dad sniffing in the living room
Messing up his innertubes, rule number one to move
One supply you never use, that's the code I'm sticking to
Money is my institute, drug is my prostitute
And I call this my interlude, rappers they identi' fools
Grinding since I been in school
Eating without that fork or spoon, money man sticking to it
Money man you should do it, yappa chopper sticking to it
Thugging in my blood fluid

And momma taught me always told me "Get your money youngin"
Just don't amount to nothing
Always seemed to reach for something
I took her word in vain and claimed to keep that paper coming
Them case a hundreds keep them cloudy days away from sunny
But long nights a paranoia let them take it from me
So I toss and turn, blow and burn till my eyes turn
That yappa ferm pop a germ if any concerns
I got them goons lurking haters murder paint it perfect
That's dirty work and let my killers do unrated versions
Because I'm a hustler, so 954
Black tee from the neighborhood corner store
Thugged out, went south when I was just a boy
I figured money was my only institution ward
Was never crazy, fuck you pay me, never was a maybe
You ever play me, miss your lady, kiss your baby bye
Was only sixteen with pistols in my toolbox

I got to get paid
I got to get paid

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