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Ambitionz Of A Ridah

This song is by Ace Hood.

Southside! (Southside)
Eastside! (Eastside)
Northside! (Northside)
Well I'm an intercity gangsta
D and D soldier
Venom is what pistols I spit them shells like a cobra
I don't give a fuck got that pistol grip in the hosta
I don't give a fuck got that pistol grip in the hosta
I don't give a fuck got that pistol grip in the hosta
Run up on yo house and shoot everyone on the sofa
Fuck negotiation I detinated the toster
I'm designated to hold up bout 50 count that and roll up
So I pull up I roll up an ounce of that California
50 rounds in the barrel you ready for rolla coasta
100 rounds in yo body you niggas ever approach us
Can't identify the local we have 'em looking like to-fu

Now that's nasty bitch niggas I'm fast speed
I'm on the level telescopes can't even see me
I am a rebel definition it describes me
I am a beast you see the features in the new breed
I'm all about that green guacamolli seaweed
And if you seem to have a problem you can see me
Just ask for the young beast in the east wing
See bry county is my city that's where I be
You ever play or disrespect and see an IV
Give you the D. and hope you pussys see the I.E.
You think I give a fuck, pussy boy try me
I leave you dead you'll see your head where your kins be
And when that letter reach sincerely Westley
I only fuck with thick bitches, that's my pet peeve
I'm gatorade cool, why you niggas sweat me?
Louis Vaton errthing 'cept the white tee

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