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I Am Destroyer Of Gods

This song is by Abused Majesty and appears on the album ...So Man Created God In His Own Image (2008).

I am the destroyer of gods
You - servants crawling at my feet
He who stands along my side,
Will know the truth

Because without Me nothing you can do.
If you bear with Me
Ask for anything you want
And it will be fulfilled

Remnants will taste the blood
For they are unworthy to look at me
I am the destroyer of gods
I am the destroyer of gods
I am the destroyer of gods
I am the destroyer of gods

At first venom will infect souls of weak beings
And all of small heart
Because there is no god without his
Adherents let the sun of the living calmly traverse
Through dead waters of the underworld yoke will fall
On the sons of mankind
For ages they will fight amidst themselves,
They will be my joy.

Oh flame, thou who originates from glory,
And comforts the righteous,
Stalking on Earth with feet of fire,
Understanding and endowing the living beings

And in the last hour great ones
Will return you the remnants of their immortality
Uncover the secret of your creation
Be my friend, since I am the same!

A day will come, when in the whirls of holy river sun
Of the living shall die
Brood of Apopis will crawl out from six
Kingdoms to finish it's work.
(Blindmen from Places of Living Breath
Will regain the eyesight)
But this will not be the time of obeisance
To the lord of first flame.
Fiery serpent will stand on top of black
Mountain announcing the creation about death
Of the immortals

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