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Music For Cars

This song is by abs.

MUSIC ... FOR ... CARS (baby voice)

Handle with care,
You better beware,
My bassline'll tear through your sub, I'm a take you there,
Like I'm a Vauschsprung Dauch Technics sound arranger,
Green, amber, red yo it's time 4 some danger.
Vrooom, listen 2 my bass go boom,
As you ride the night you playin' my new tune,
Digital, on-board, satellite guidance system, Navigation yo I twist em',
Beige with the black two-tone,
Yo I even got the system hooked up to the microphone,
So I can rhyme while I'm ridin'
Window's down,
I'm goin' at the green lights...
How you like me now...

Music 4 Cars (4 times)

Hit the highway,
I gotta do it my way, ya like that
TV's in the headrest playin' Friday,
Jay Kay style I'm a roll with the 3 6 0,
The Benz coupe or the 4x4,
It ain't nothin' but the style I set,
I can't help but drop whatever you can't get,
I got Wookie on the sound,
U feelin' me now,
Educating brothers on the road that don't wanna be down.
I'm like...
Hold up,
Wait a minute,
New X5 and u'r girlfriend's in it,
Playboy I'm a always be,
And next time that you ride, yo check 4 me.

Yo I'm a blow. blow, biggidy, blow you all diggidy down,
Bringin' it 2 ya when it comes around,
I don't clown,
It's just a breakdown.
Figgidy feel my flow,
My riggidy rhyme like a virus actin' like you don't know,
Got you all riggidy runnin' 4 cover
There ain't no other m.c bringin' it hotter,
Wiggidy word to u'r mother.
Gimme the EX, gimme the CLA, gimme the MAI, Gimme the TION,
Figgidy full stop my rhyme diggidy done.

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