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Say It Like You Said It

This song is by Abraham Cloud and appears on the album The Cruelty Of Gravity (2008).

Why don't you say it like you said it
When you, you used to really seem to mean it, when you
You talked to me so sweet and low

How long can I just keep explainin' that this
That you and me, well we been rainin' on it
The word that comes down every day

Why do you say you love me lightly?
Why don't you say it right tonight?
Why don't you leave?

What time was it when I was wakin' up
You never seemed to be a taken by it
You used to tell me it would be all right

And now it's not like that at all it's like you
You got to prove yourself in power and you,
You rape and skate on every day

Why don't you
Why don't you
Say It Like You Said It Before

Why don't you tell me what you told me
When you used to really kinda mean it
And I sat so long just listening

The space between is gettin' wider
And I can't see any satisfaction comin'
I can't see any smiles or tappin' in the sounds you make

Wasn't it fun, wasn't it right,
Didn't it last through most every night
Wasn't it real ? if just for a while
Why can't we get it back
I can't forget it

Why don't you say it like you said it before

Why don't you do it like you did it when we
First had fun inside the minute
Now these days just seem to drag out

You say it's me but I don't think so
I think, I think you look at me much different.
And I,
I think you wanted something more than I could ever be

Wasn't it fun, back in the day
When you were love with me
Don't go away
Wasn't it nice, being together
All together never again

Why don't you say it like you said it before

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