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This song is by Aborted and appears on the album The Purity Of Perversion (1999).

Shovelling his way through the graveyard soil
Home of the deceased repository of vermin
Beads of perspiration are standing on his brow
Rutting glances in his bloodshot eyes
As he keeps on digging for the body in the ground

Taking the lid off the box, a stagnant odour arises
Revealing, creaking & grating
The carrion of a disabled gorgon, recently expired of Putrefaction. advanced leprosy & psoriasis. This emaciated corpse shall form my necrocorpolagnistic will

Gravedigger, slicing through the flesh
Rancid stench, emerging from the wound
Ornaments, necrotic utensil, he dressed up in their skin
Transvestite in extreme, squatting down, raping the corpses

Lunacy striken, he lets down his pants
Slaveringly, staring at the carcass

Gravedigger, peeling off the skin
Rancid stench, emerging from the wound
With surgical precision, meticulous dissection
He squats down, raping the corpses

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