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Act Of Supremacy

This song is by Aborted and appears on the album The Purity Of Perversion (1999).

Watch the knife penetrate your body,
My urge to kill rises
My bloodlust desecrates your cadaver,
Feed my hunger
Cranial tissue exposed to the bone,
Adrenaline pumping

Erotic-Masturbating as I dissect vital organs
Necroerotic- My endless bloodfetishism

Misanthropic I chew on your womb,
Sucking your pit
Excrements are gushing like puss,
Boiled with nippels
Impotence disrupting cotal flow,
Failiour imminent

My golden shower flushing your insides,
53 raped & molested, continue my spree
Murder Act Of Supremacy

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