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Book 7: Thy Evocation Cthulhu (Parts I-IV)

This song is by Abgott and appears on the album Fizala (2003).

Part i:
... And with the strange aeons even death may die
The living corpse sends nightmares
The day when open is the blasphemous door to the crypt to void
Stars are in propitius
Complete the final act
You render honorous reay believer
Here from no place, as an abomination, comes out Terror
Here you can see the true endless horde and realize that you have no escape
In all its blasphemous Glory is manifested chaos Kingdom.

Part ii:
The ancient sign
In a glade of ground, dust and stones
Silent place seems Death throne
Perceptible in obscurity
Beings "Buried"
In the way of the fallen sun, meditate, don't trumble
The vision can tear away your reason sucks up your brain
Meditate, till the end of the night, when sun rises behind of you.
A blood tie with undead unlife, use his powers.
Kingdom is here with all glorious blasphemy
Generate new sons between humanity
A new order that adore and let adore.
A new race form the ascient descent
Who fight the chains that bond the ancients away from this dimension
Let him to enter between the door endless cursing and growling.
It's our duty.

Part iii:
Fai la grande evocazione
Scegli una Donna e usala per la tua evocazione

Part iv:
Finally you are arriving to the end in front of you night stands
Draw fire pentacle
Lay down the woman
Cut kid throat
Upon her let blood flowing
Do mystic circles with your blood.
The moment is here: shut up, motionless.
Screaming chaos Gods adore, curse, invoke.
Unnatural silence, no place for Al Azif isolated.
An icy wind rises violent with intention awere from outsides space.
Woman, she isn't frightened, she pants, howls, shakes, she's filling.
Obscure Flames is upon her covering her obscene.
I see her opens wide mouth screaming nothing
I see her roll her eyes as white spheres.
It's stare of who have seen opening veil and comes that is over.
It's stare of who have tested Awful Action and who brings Signs inner.
In those eyes there is wild triumph overcame the test.
Damned souls hope, put down thy eyes in the presence of the living.

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