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Book 4: From Thy Beyond Shub-Niggurath

This song is by Abgott and appears on the album Fizala (2003).

Here from so high pick where the raven dare
When the sky obscure itself
Wewait the night icy cloak cover the earth
A pungent death scent in the air is hold on roving breeze
In a grave silence of a dying nature
Hear out corpse tore by wolves
Spectral lament in a dense fog suffocated
From eons the Blind Sleeper
In obscure ends of the earth lies
Open His white eyes whispering words to wind
The Abyss from so far echo
Of time of a time
By iced side the Silence aeonic
From thy beyond
The cosmic silence abyssal
Ritorna a sedere sul Suo Oscuro Trono
Al Suo eterno Regno

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