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On My Knees

This song is by Abbie Gardner and Anthony Da Costa and appears on the album Bad Nights / Better Days (2008).

Every time I hear
About you going back to him, I break
I am breaking
I don't even care
No, I don't care at all
So why am I shaking?

And you could say no
Even when I say please
Just don't let me go
I am down on my knees

You are just a dream
In the back of my head, you're there
And we are sailing
Floating like a boat
On the ocean blue
And the gulls, they are wailing

And we can make out
Or we could lay 'neath the trees
Let go of your doubt
I am down on my knees

Oh, and you had faith in love back then
I know what went wrong
It won't happen again
And you know it too
I can tell by your eyes...
I could always tell by your eyes

And there is reason for your fear
But if you lend me your keys
I will make it all clear
I am down on my knees
I am down on my knees

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