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That's Him! (1957)

Abbey Lincoln - That's Him!

That's Him!

  1. Strong Man
  2. Happiness Is Just a Thing Called Joe
  3. My Man
  4. Tender as a Rose
  5. That's Him
  6. I Must Have That Man
  7. Porgy
  8. When a Woman Loves a Man
  9. Don't Explain

Affair: ...A Story of a Girl in Love (1957)

Abbey Lincoln - Affair- ...A Story of a Girl in Love

Affair: ...A Story of a Girl in Love

  1. Love Walked In
  2. I Didn't Know About You
  3. Would I Love You
  4. I Wake up Smiling
  5. This Can't Be Love
  6. Crazy He Calls Me
  7. Two Cigarettes in the Dark
  8. The Masquerade Is Over
  9. Take Me in Your Arms
  10. Together
  11. Affair
  12. No More
  13. Warm Valley
  14. You Do Something to Me
  15. Do Nothin' Till You Hear From Me
  16. The Answer Is No
  17. Lonesome Cup of Coffee
  18. She Didn't Say Yes

It's Magic (1958)

Abbey Lincoln - It's Magic

It's Magic

  1. I Am in Love
  2. It's Magic
  3. Just for Me
  4. An Occasional Man
  5. Ain't Nobody's Business
  6. Out of the Past
  7. Music, Maestro, Please
  8. Love
  9. Exactly Like You
  10. Little Niles

Abbey Is Blue (1959)

Abbey Lincoln - Abbey Is Blue

Abbey Is Blue

  1. Afro-Blue
  2. Lonely House
  3. Let Up
  4. Thursday's Child
  5. Brother, Where Are You?
  6. Laugh, Clown, Laugh
  7. Come Sunday
  8. Softly, as in a Morning Sunrise
  9. Lost in the Stars
  10. Long as You're Living

Straight Ahead (1961)

Abbey Lincoln - Straight Ahead

Straight Ahead

  1. Straight Ahead
  2. When Malindy Sings
  3. In the Red
  4. Blue Monk
  5. Left Alone
  6. African Lady
  7. Retribution
    Bonus tracks:
  8. African Lady (Alternate Take)
  9. Aint Nobody's Buisness If I Do
  10. I Concentrate on You
  11. I Concentrate on You (Alternate Take)
  12. Never Leave Me
  13. Never Leave Me (Alternate Take)

Talking to the Sun (1984)

Abbey Lincoln - Talking to the Sun

Talking to the Sun

  1. The River
  2. Whistling Away the Dark
  3. Talking to the Sun
  4. You and I
  5. People on the Street
  6. You're My Thrill
  7. Prelude / A Wedding Song

Painted Lady (1987)

Abbey Lincoln - Painted Lady

Painted Lady

  1. Sophisticated Lady
  2. Golden Lady
  3. Painted Lady on the Stage
  4. Throw It Away
  5. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life?
  6. Caged Bird

Abbey Sings Billie (1987)

Abbey Lincoln - Abbey Sings Billie

Abbey Sings Billie

Disc 1
  1. What a Little Moonlight Can Do
  2. I Only Have Eyes for You
  3. Gloomy Sunday
  4. Crazy He Calls Me
  5. Strange Fruit
  6. Lover Man
  7. These Foolish Things
  8. I'll Be Seeing You
  9. Soul Eyes
  10. Ill Wind
Disc 2
  1. Gimme a Pigfoot
  2. No More
  3. God Bless the Child
  4. Don't Explain
  5. For Heaven's Sake
  6. Please Don't Talk About Me (When I'm Gone)
  7. For All We Know

The World Is Falling Down (1990)

Abbey Lincoln - The World Is Falling Down

The World Is Falling Down

  1. The World Is Falling Down
  2. First Song (For Ruth)
  3. You Must Believe in Spring and Love
  4. I Got Thunder (And It Rings)
  5. How High the Moon
  6. When Love Was You and Me
  7. Hi-Fly
  8. Live for Life

You Gotta Pay the Band (1991)

Abbey Lincoln - You Gotta Pay the Band

You Gotta Pay the Band

  1. Bird Alone
  2. I'm in Love
  3. You Gotta Pay the Band
  4. Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?
  5. You Made Me Funny
  6. And How I Hoped for Your Love
  7. When I'm Called Home
  8. Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams
  9. Up Jumped Spring
  10. A Time for Love

Devil's Got Your Tongue (1992)

Abbey Lincoln - Devil's Got Your Tongue

Devil's Got Your Tongue

  1. Rainbow
  2. Evalina Coffey (The Legend Of)
  3. Story of My Father
  4. A Child Is Born
  5. People in Me
  6. A Circle of Love
  7. Jungle Queen
  8. The Merry Dancer
  9. Devil's Got Your Tongue
  10. Spring Will Be a Little Late This Year
  11. The Music Is the Magic

When There Is Love (1993)

Abbey Lincoln & Hank Jones - When There Is Love

When There Is Love

  1. A Part of Me/There Are Such Things
  2. When There Is Love
  3. Black Butterfly
  4. Angel Face
  5. The Nearness of You
  6. Can't Help Singing
  7. Close Your Eyes
  8. I Should Care
  9. You Came a Long Way From St. Louis
  10. C'est si bon
  11. The Jitterbug Waltz
  12. Time After Time
  13. You Won't Forget Me
  14. First Came Woman

A Turtle's Dream (1995)

Abbey Lincoln - A Turtle's Dream

A Turtle's Dream

  1. Throw It Away
  2. A Turtle's Dream
  3. Down Here Below
  4. Nature Boy
  5. Avec le Temps
  6. Should've Been
  7. My Love Is You
  8. Storywise
  9. Hey, Lordy Mama
  10. Not to Worry
  11. Being Me

Who Used to Dance (1997)

Abbey Lincoln - Who Used to Dance

Who Used to Dance

  1. Love Has Gone Away
  2. Who Used to Dance
  3. Love Lament
  4. Mr. Tambourine Man
  5. When Autumn Sings
  6. Love What You're Doin' Down There
  7. Street of Dreams
  8. I Sing a Song
  9. The River

Wholly Earth (1998)

Abbey Lincoln - Wholly Earth

Wholly Earth

  1. And It's Supposed to Be Love
  2. Midnight Sun
  3. Wholly Earth
  4. Look to the Star
  5. Another World
  6. Conversations With a Baby
  7. If I Only Had a Brain
  8. Another Time, Another Place
  9. Caged Bird
  10. Learning How to Listen

Over the Years (2000)

Abbey Lincoln - Over The Year

Over the Years

  1. When the Lights Go on Again
  2. Blackberry Blossoms
  3. Somos Novios
  4. A Heart Is Not a Toy
  5. I Could Sing It for a Song
  6. I'm Not Supposed to Know
  7. Windmills of Your Mind
  8. Lucky to Be Me
  9. What Will Tomorrow Bring
  10. Tender as a Rose

It's Me (2003)

Abbey Lincoln - It's Me

It's Me

  1. Skylark
  2. Love Is Made
  3. Chateaux de Joux
  4. It's Me, O' Lord (Standin' in the Need of Prayer)
  5. They Call It Jazz
  6. Through the Years
  7. Runnin' Wild
  8. The Maestro
  9. The Search
  10. Yellow Bird
  11. Can You Dig It

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