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Longterm Mentality (2011)

Ab-Soul - Longterm Mentality

Longterm Mentality

  1. Real Thinkers
  2. Gone Insane
  3. Loosen My Tie
  4. Nothing New (featuring Jhené Aiko)
  5. Hell Yea (featuring ScHoolboy Q)
  6. Moscato (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
  7. Top Dawg Under Dawg
  8. Time Is of the Essence (featuring Punch)
  9. More of a Euphoria (featuring Alori Joh)
  10. Picture That (featuring JaVonte)
  11. Big Payback (featuring Murs)
  12. Almost There (featuring BJ the Chicago Kid)
  13. #LTM (featuring Pat Brown)
  14. Constipation (featuring Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q) (Bonus track) (Black Hippy)

Control System (2012)

Ab-Soul - Control System

Control System

  1. Soulo Ho3 (featuring Jhené Aiko)
  2. Track Two
  3. Bohemian Grove
  4. Terrorist Threats (featuring Jhené Aiko and Danny Brown)
  5. Pineal Gland
  6. Double Standards
  7. Mixed Emotions
  8. SOPA (featuring ScHoolboy Q)
  9. Lust Demons (featuring Jay Rock and BJ the Chicago Kid)
  10. Illuminate (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
  11. A Rebellion (featuring Alori Joh)
  12. Showin' Love
  13. Empathy (featuring Alori Joh and JaVonte)
  14. Nothing's Something
  15. Beautiful Death (featuring Punch and Ashtrobot)
  16. The Book of Soul
  17. Black Lip Bastard (featuring Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar and ScHoolboy Q) (Bonus track) (Black Hippy)

These Days... (2014)

Ab-Soul - These Days...

These Days...

  1. Gods Reign (featuring SZA)
  2. Tree of Life
  3. Hunnid Stax (featuring ScHoolboy Q)
  4. Dub Sac
  5. World Runners (featuring Lupe Fiasco and Nikki Jean)
  6. Nevermind That (featuring Rick Ross)
  7. Twact (featuring Jinx and Short Dawg)
  8. Just Have Fun
  9. Kendrick Lamar's Interlude (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
  10. Closure
  11. Sapiosexual
  12. Stigmata (featuring Action Bronson and Asaad)
  13. Feelin Us (featuring Jay Rock and RaVaughn)
  14. Ride Slow (featuring Danny Brown and Delusional Thomas)
  15. W.R.O.H (featuring JMSN)

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Other Songs

  1. Jimmy Iovine
  2. Lakers
  3. No Joke
  4. Say Wassup
  5. Smoke Again
  6. WTH (Explicit)

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