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And I Love You

This song is by Aaron Tippin and appears on the album People Like Us (2000).

That alarm sounds without warning
I wake up and say good morning and I love you
And though sometimes you're still sleeping
I still whisper
Babe, I'm leaving and I love you

(Oh) You need to know
This ain't some kind of sometimes thing
This is something I will always do
Yeah, the sun it shines, the river winds and
The bluebirds sings
And I love you (oh, I love you)

While I work I curse the boss
And I anticipate getting off, and I love you
Oh and there's a little place
Where everybody goes at five o'clock
But I drive straight home,
And I Love You Honey

Repeat Chorus Twice

Me holding you and you holding me
And every night I fall asleep, and
I love you
Yeah I love you, yeah I love you
Yeah I love you

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