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Knock on Wood

This song is by Aaron Lines and appears on the album Living Out Loud (2003).

I've never been the kind of guy
Who walks around ladders
And open up umbrellas when I'm inside
Black cats that cross my path
They never mattered
But I've never had this much at stake
Don't wanna lose her by tempting fate

I'm gonna knock on wood
Salt over my shoulder
Do anything to keep her love
Cause it feels so good, every time I hold her
Like I always dreamed it would
I think this could be forever
The two of us toget her
Knock on wood

It's been two weeks
And everything is coming up aces
But I've seen my luck come, and I've seen it go
And for the first time in my life
I'm not hesitating
I knew after just one dance
I wasn't leaving this up to chance

I've got my rabbits foot around my neck
That old wishing well's got half my paycheck
Got a bag of four-leaf-clovers
Anything to be her lover
Knock on wood

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