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Love Changes Everything (2001)

Aaron Lines - Love Changes Everything

Love Changes Everything

  1. Love Changes Everything
  2. Close
  3. Living Out Loud
  4. A Kiss Is Worth a Thousand Words
  5. Old Days New
  6. What Beautiful Is
  7. This Ain't Living
  8. Lost
  9. I Can Read Your Heart

Living Out Loud (2003)

Aaron Lines - Living Out Loud

Living Out Loud

  1. Love Changes Everything
  2. I Will Be There
  3. Close
  4. Living Out Loud
  5. Turn It Up (I Like the Sound of That)
  6. I Can't Live Without Your Love
  7. You Can't Hide Beautiful
  8. Knock on Wood
  9. Old Days New
  10. She Called Me Kansas
  11. You Get the Picture

Waitin' on the Wonderful (2005)

Aaron Lines - Waitin' On the Wonderful

Waitin' On the Wonderful

  1. Waitin' on the Wonderful
  2. It Takes a Man
  3. The American Way
  4. Twenty Years Late
  5. Lights of My Hometown
  6. Lovers on the Run
  7. Seeing Things
  8. I Wanna Be That Man
  9. Good Liar
  10. Dance to the Radio
  11. If I Could Do It All Again

Moments That Matter (2007)

Aaron Lines - Moments That Matter

Moments That Matter

  1. Cheaper to Keep Her
  2. Moments That Matter
  3. Somebody's Son
  4. Let's Get Drunk and Fight
  5. When We Make Love
  6. It Broke Off
  7. Everyday Heroes
  8. Just Drunk Enough
  9. Sometimes It's Summertime
  10. Nothing Like You

Sunday Afternoon (2010)

Aaron Lines - Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon

  1. The Trouble With California
  2. Sand
  3. I Haven't Even Heard You Cry
  4. You'd Still Love Me
  5. Sunday Afternoon
  6. These Are Those Days
  7. I Love New York
  8. Unloving You
  9. Making Love in the Afternoon
  10. Everything I Know About Life (The Blackhorse Song)

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Artist information:

  • b.1977
  • Occupations: singer, songwriter
  • Instruments: vocals, guitar, piano

Real name:

Aaron Lines is a performance name for Anthony Aaron Lines.

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