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Town Line (2011)

Aaron Lewis - Town Line

Town Line

  1. The Story Never Ends
  2. Vicious Circles
  3. Country Boy (featuring George Jones, Charlie Daniels and Chris Young)
  4. Tangled Up in You (featuring Alexa Carter)
  5. Massachusetts
  6. Country Boy (Radio Edit)
  7. Country Boy (Acoustic Version)

The Road (2012)

Aaron Lewis - The Road

The Road

  1. 75
  2. The Road
  3. Endless Summer
  4. Red, White & Blue
  5. Lessons Learned
  6. Forever
  7. Granddaddy's Gun
  8. State Lines
  9. Anywhere But Here
  10. Party In Hell
Deluxe Edition
  1. 75 (Live Acoustic)
  2. Forever (Live Acoustic)
  3. What Hurts The Most (Live Acoustic)
  4. Vicious Circles (Live Acoustic)
  5. Country Boy (Live Acoustic)

Sinner (2016)

Aaron Lewis - Sinner


  1. Sinner (featuring Willie Nelson)
  2. That Ain't Country
  3. Whiskey and You (cover of "Whiskey And You" by Chris Stapleton)
  4. Northern Redneck
  5. Mama
  6. Sunday Every Saturday Night
  7. Lost and Lonely
  8. Story of My Life
  9. Stuck in These Shoes
  10. I Lost It All
  11. Travelin' Soldier (cover of "Travelin' Soldier" by Bruce Robison)

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