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The Dangerous Kind

This song is by Aaron Lee Tasjan and appears on the album In the Blazes (2015).

I got a sweet tooth for knocking out teeth
But that's just how I feel today
Tomorrow never knows who I might be
It might be best to just stay out of my way

Don't know a thing about the dirty projector
She could of told me if I hadn't of left her
Guess I forgot to buy my boat shoes
But I've been busy kicking ass and smoking dope too


This love is the dangerous kind
Breaks the body and destroys the mind
It comes cheaper than a six string airline
This love is the dangerous kind

This whole world is a hospital
Handing out medicinal popsicles
Is anybody gonna tell the truth?
Bob Dylan's early years (?) for youth

Everything we had just got took
Nobody's saying a damn thing
Jesus ain't as popular as facebook
I'm still grabbing for the brass thing

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