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Judee Was a Punk

This song is by Aaron Lee Tasjan and appears on the album In the Blazes (2015).

Judee was a punk back in the day
Mommy and daddy and brother passed
While she was away
But she wasn't on vacation
She was doing time
For knocking over that gas station
When she messed up her life

Jesus freak, Jesus freak
How come they treat you so mean?
Jesus freak, Jesus freak
You've got an eye for something nobody's ever seen

But Judee sang all about the Lord
And the road to that salvation killed her
Scripture and cocaine
Would do her about the same
Take a line of either and then it just might kill the pain

No one heard that Jesus was a cross-maker's son?
I'm sorry all those Christians
Made you feel like you was wrong
For digging guys and digging chicks
And taking all those drugs
They should be loving everyone
Not choosing who they love

You've got an eye for something nobody's ever seen

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