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Closed And Locked

This song is by A Well Thought Tragedy and appears on the album The Persona (2007).

I pray there still hope for me to come to terms with everything that happened to me when I was young and helpless
The things you did to me made my skin crawl
The retrospect is a nightmare
Not a day goes by that I don't feel the guilt and shame
How could I have been so foolish? I promised myself I would forget it all
The pain and discomfort were buried years ago
Closed and locked is the door to my past
Then why do your hands still haunt me? Why am I stained forever from your filthy wrath? I hope there really is such a thing as karma
I hope you get what you deserve in the end
Oh, how I would watch someone do to you what you did to me
I wouldn't look away
I wouldn't blink
Animals like you belong in cages
Just like the one that you kept me in
Never again
I wrote this for you
To show you I have become the walls of my own castle
In solitude
In solitude
I put these gates up to keep you out but the truth is that you're gone
Now the only thing these gates keep away is people that I love
I have forgotten how to trust
I will never be the same

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