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Stay Cold

This song is by A True Story and appears on the album It's Not Me It's You (2006).

Your letters are starting to sound
Less like stories and more like just words
The drugs we did together
Are not even memories
More like therapy for you and I
For you and I

Say another bleeding word
And we'll drown in all this mess
There's nothing right with being wrong
There's something so wrong with this

Ill drive this car only far enough to get over you
But this tank ain't filled enough to get away
By the time I decide you'd have already made it there
Away from here
I try to steer but this bottle makes it so unclear

I bought it as I saw it and so it turns out
Your no benefit to me
Your no good for me

And people close to me say
You have two faces and I would not put it past you
But that's who I fell into
Only accepting you for you

How could I lose
How did I lose
It feels so good to lose to you
It feels so good to lose you
It feels so good to lose

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