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Throne of Flies II

This song is by A Night in Texas and appears on the album The God Delusion (2015).

Subjugationise my catharsis
Humanity knows nothing of innocence or purity
Destroying what doesn't matter to your abhorrent race
Bringing the deconstruction of your prophesied fates
The mortal realm, my new domain
Death is looming...
This day I begin my reign as your hands and feet are bound in chains
To walk single file just like slaves
Numbers forcefully engraved into foreheads to prepare them for eternal pain
Not a single human will survive because they follow like sheep with no fucking eyes
As countless bodies fall to empower my throne of flies
Praise the lord
Play the fraud
Live to die and control it all
You will never reach heaven and you will not be mourned
You'll burn in eternal flame
My holocaust brings upon involuntary changes
Drying and fracturing the skin of these filthy maggots
Blood spills from every crack and crevasse
The weakest succumb, littering the lands with writhing, rotting meat bags

Credulous and impertinent
Left to languish in the burning hells
That which remains of their mortal realm

So crawl in the mud that conceived you
As you scream for the God that deceived you

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