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Death Scripture

This song is by A Night in Texas and appears on the album The God Delusion (2015).

Drenched in hypocrisy
You're all so weak you follow heel and toe
One shepherd to herd the cattle to my throne
Crafted bullshit from the mind of a deluded fool
Millennia have passed yet it remains illogical
A book of lies changed again and again
It told of a great king
It told of endless pain
Forcing the worship of man-made currency
Burning knowledge, raping collective rationality
Drenched in hypocrisy
It made the world believe you were created for a purpose
In his image
Protected by his love
Forever watched over from the heavens above
Your species freedom was stripped long ago
You are divided, misguided; there will never come your time
You've missed your chance to rise
Yesterday you were men of "God"
Now you grovel before me
Begging not to spill your blood
A lesser humanity has been born
It has come to be known as the lifeless drone
Programmed to stick to a linear path
Content to pick at bones
Force fed synthetic filth
Laying your heads to rest in your very own shit
The embodiment of weakness
You are servile, you must be pushed around
One herdsman's word and you will submissively throw your lives into the ground
To feel his sense of worth a slave must always put his master first
Drenched in hypocrisy
Fall to your knees
Hang your heads in defeat

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