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The Voice Inside

This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Chaos Becomes Us (2003).

This casing constrains me, kills the essence inside.
This careless, hardened world can't sustain this anymore.
Don't count on me.
Don't count on Don't count on me.
Ceaseless lies.
(Reason) True life dies.
(Genocide) Parasite
(Living your life off the lives of) all you find
(Gotta find a way to break away)
Your progress is killing me, is limiting my abilities.
I pity you for the day you'll see the fiction of your life.
You borrow all that you know.
On your own we'll see how far you go.
I see the fear in your eyes.
I hear your cry.
Don't count on me.
Don't count on Don't count on me.
A part of you dies
(Just let it go) behind the guise.
(It's not a part of you anymore) Strive to be free
(No need to waste your time) let passion rise.
(It's already gone) Procession's calling.
Find your place in the crowd.
Now is the time for moving on.
Now is the time.
A new age dawns.
Look deep inside.
Find who you are.
Swallow your pride to heal the scars.
No. Break away.
Strive to be free and live your life

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