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Of Treachery & Romance: Form of Kypris

This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Analyzing Tactics of the Morally Dead & Dying (2005).

Doubt truth to be a liar but not that I love Look up, see past the grey
The radiance seeps through and suddenly there is awakening with so much to offer and yet still so little to share
It misleads those who sustain the will to carry on
This is the energy that emanates from the emptiness, devotion to the eyes of the beloved
Don't let the excess of aura be blinding, there's simply no more words can express
She's held in such warm regard
Such a gentle face, kind soulful eyes
Sweet Kypris
Helplessly addicted to the inviting simplicity of a silhouette
There's temptation brooding
Setting the souls in motion, letting all go
This affliction knows no healing
Given place by cryptic decree
Effigy of a recollection set ablaze by the desire to be in the thoughts and heart of no other but the one all senses seek
In time we'll be standing listlessly in the unknown
Revisting what's done conveys the break
In revisiting the deed recountance breaks the desire to stand
What has been done is done
What is to come is to come for no one
Wallowing in unease
Restlessly awaiting release
There will be no more contemplation once the deed has been matched
"I love you."

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