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Of Treachery & Romance: Children of Lilith

This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Analyzing Tactics of the Morally Dead & Dying (2005).

And with every affirmation it grows stronger inside but the tendency to contemplate flares doubt within the budding of kinship
The two are more and more alike
And there is more here than salacious perceive
Tragedy claims the one who misses the treachery unfolding against themselves
No more
Your picture set upon the flame
Set free to recognize what was and is, what is again
Here lies a second chance
Escape is found in viewing intention
At first glance the heart creates a deception for romantics and it dies tonight
To feed on amatory innocence is to rise above it all
Diluted memories only death recalls
Look up
Embrace the grey
This is the condition that encompasses previous victims, looking to dark to keep love at bay
I'll stop once I've been satisfied

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