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Chaos Becomes Us

This song is by A Legend Falls and appears on the album Chaos Becomes Us (2003).

Patience is no longer a virtue when the complacent have turned.
Repetition will only take you so far,
Will only force you to grow blinder in a world that's already lost its vision.
Where docility leads the people speak aloud and take a stand for yourself.
The strongest weapon we have is division.
Truth lurks in shadows is often ignored.
Indolence our defect and recurrence is our reward.
Everyone Everyone is a victim
So why wait for the struggle to come to you?
The sickness grows stronger the fix still unheard.
A troubled sub-conscience brings forth depraved words.
Please don't wait.
Why be contented?
To destroy, to neglect, to enrich false life.
To let live, to watch die, to deceive the mind.
No No one can force you to change it
To face it, to give 'til the complacent have turned

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