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Yea, The Cold Embrace Of The Sea

This song is by A Hope for Home and appears on the album Here, The End (2007).

I heard the sound of ten thousand voices calling out
And as waves crash down, their bodies pulled from the ground
But I saw you there, with your feet firmly planted down. could this be the end?

I feel a cold embrace as I'm washed away.
As fear grips my heart, it swallows me.
Could this be your grace?

What a pitiful life I lead! I've grown too weak and land is out of reach. but upon the sea, your figure calls to me! and I can't breathe until you free me. can this life we lead mean anything at all? as the waves pull me down, can all these days mean anything at all?

I have now come to accept my fate. for I was not made to tread forever!

Crash down and break my bones! lay me to rest in the depths of the sea, leave me to mend in the waves of your sea.
Crash down, break me, make me into what you want me to be!

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