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Infidelity: Kingdom's End

This song is by A Hope for Home and appears on the album The Everlasting Man (2009).

I've traveled back from the depths of my soul to find that nothing is as it seems.
I'll watch the world lose control and fall apart at the seams.
What will be without the great I Am on our side? Our hearts devoured by dreams and as we walk away we are consumed.

I cannot stay silent: we've left no room for a savior.
Warnings ring out but we have grown too deaf to hear, too blind to see the coming storm as it draws near.

We cannot be afraid to face the truth: there is blood on our hands and we are moving backwards. How do we justify the things we've done?
Though too far gone we say, "wash away all of this. And with your grace, bring me back to you."

I cannot stay silent: the coming storm will wash us away. How our feet wander, they brought us here where swords are at our throats. We sow wheat but we reap thorns. Forever we will reap thorns until the moment we wake.
It will be too late to dig ourselves out of the grave on our own. Beasts will be called to devour, destroyers will swarm, because in this place our lives are restrained and we can no longer prevail.

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