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(Grace) We Are The Heirs!

This song is by A Hope for Home and appears on the album Here, The End (2007).

We were searching for a way out, we took things too far, too far for far too long.
And still after our wounds heal, we're still haunted, haunted by these things. will our defenses hold and keep us safe through the night?

What remains of what's been said could never fill the void inside your head (run away from deadly words!) and I swear, your prayers will all be heard! just lift your head and close your eyes.

We're running with rusty gears, we're breaking down
Please, don't let this die.
We only have so long in this life
So find your heart and hope for better days
Because only words can bring us down. we're only asking for tonight!

Lets leave this place behind, before it's too late to decide! though some will say they find it better, the road we're on is winding down. and it will tear it down to the marrow I feel it welling up inside. so please, don't let this die!

Lift your head. savor this moment. savor tonight

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