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  1. Cloven Hoof Hava Nagila
  2. A Jester Arrayed in Burning Gold (featuring Beckie Frey)
  3. Unyielding Anguish
  4. Let the Ravens Have My Eyes
  5. Hæðen
  6. Nekyia (featuring The Black Metal Alliance)
  7. Somme
  8. Rime (Jerub-Ba'al)
  9. O Death (featuring Timbre)
  10. Satan Speaks



  • Michael Cook: drums, vocals
  • Adam Cook: guitars, vocals, bass

Featured artists:

  • Nolan Osmond: lead guitar
  • Jacob Allaman: piano

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Studio Albums: Infinite Titanic Immortal (2009)Omens (2011)Holy Despair (2014)

Singles: Manden med leen (2013)

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