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Winter White

This song is by A Fine Frenzy and appears on the EP Oh Blue Christmas (2009).

The smoke of memories in my eyes
The room is sleeting kind
It comes in winter white
In holiday disguise
To sabotage my mind

Dismiss the urge to reminisce
To miss your stupid kiss
The shot at happiness
It never did exist
And I don't care if it did

'Cause I won't cry
And there's no turning back
Merry Christmas
Happy goddamn new year

I see you everywhere
I see you everywhere I breathe
You are the devil king
The hell of my dreams
You're poisoning my sleep

And I won't cry
There's no turning back
But it makes me sad

And this year it's going to be
Just like you never knew me
Peace and quiet
Happy home
How I love to be alone
Merry Christmas
Happy goddamn new year


Written by:

Alison Sudol

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