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The Loss of the Lost

This song is by A Dream of Poe and appears on the EP Sorrow for the Lost Lenore (2009).

Systems down, I'm opening to you
But sorrow's in everything I knew
"Take the line, sever the wine
Under a twisted fever mind to see the loss of mankind"
"There's a ghost, it's my gentle host
With a twisted fever mind, it's the loss of mankind"

Shine trough the glass, oh, mirrors of deception
In storms no one can see
I take a taste of inner sanity
The loss of the lost, forgotten shadows
I travel through misery to find only me
We slept all our lives to awake amongst our past
But there's silence in between, burn me for believing
What's hope in a world so dead? Give me your hand
And come taste the sadness of ghosts
Of shadows, of prisons without end
Of death and lies, of bestiality without end
Come if you can my darkest friend
As above so below, here is my heart for you to throw
And I am here to rot with this world
Together, together, together now

Systems down, I'm opening to you
But sorrow's in everything I knew
I made a mistake, I'm about to brake
The weirder the better with whispers of ether
I am the escaped one, after I was born
They locked me up inside me but I left
My soul seeks me, through hills and valley
I hope my soul never finds me

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